Sevenoaks AC Handicap 26 December 2014

James Wright clinches third

It took a tiebreak to decide the winner of the Sevenoaks AC handicap series for the first time since 2001 as two runners finished with the same points score after the twelfth and final race of the 2014 series on a chilly Boxing Day morning.

Series leader David Lobley and second-placed James Wright were both running with a chance of winning the series trophy. Both contenders beat their handicaps for their best performances of the year. But only Wright improved his series score as he just pipped Simon Lewis (60:40) for third place on the day with a new course personal best of 46:18. Lobley was another fourteen seconds back in fifth in 49:04. This put the two runners level on eight points each in the series bringing the tiebreak into play. Ties are broken by counting the number of scorers in each runner's best four races, on which count Lobley wins the title by just two.

The hilly seven-mile course used for races in even-numbered months is called the Dillon Seven. So it was fitting that, in the final race of the twentieth series since his eponymous course was introduced, Peter Dillon led from start to finish for his first handicap win for over ten years. Dillon won by nineteen seconds with 65:33 from Simon Hallpike (56:02). In other notable performances, sixth-placed John Denyer scored the highest age-graded result of 73.98 with 52:05 at age 66, Suzy Claridge was the fastest woman on the day in seventh with 52:24 and ninth-placed David Lee was the fastest runner with 43:00.

Although back in eleventh place on the day, Dan Witt (47:24) was assured of third place in the series when Rob Johnson, one point behind him when the race started, also failed to improve his series score as he finished in fourteenth place (59:47).

Following the conclusion of the 2014 series a new series for 2015 begins in the new year. The first race is over the alternate five mile course. It starts from the Sevenoaks School track at 9 am on Sunday 4 January. Newcomers are very welcome to come and run.

Handicap 2014 - December Result
Peter Dillon          111:07:24          02:4011:08:131:05:33
Simon Hallpike200:41:53110:57:34120:41:34                12:3021:08:320:56:02
James Wright          20:47:01    10:33:5050:47:4120:34:3223:1031:09:280:46:18
Simon Lewis      11:01:09              08:5041:09:301:00:40
David Lobley40:37:1410:51:0820:35:27140:57:19            10:35:5520:5051:09:540:49:04
John Denyer180:38:55  100:37:39                17:5061:09:550:52:05
Suzy Claridge      70:54:2440:37:4370:52:36  180:56:5050:38:17    17:5071:10:140:52:24
Clair Thornton140:46:03    111:04:14130:44:13  30:43:1051:00:4870:44:5491:01:16  10:1081:10:291:00:19
David Lee                      28:2091:11:200:43:00
Andy Ashlee              10:44:34      25:30101:11:550:46:25
Daniel Witt50:34:1960:49:24  50:47:1950:33:10  50:32:2940:45:3230:32:4770:46:0130:33:1925:00111:12:240:47:24
Andrew Mead60:32:0020:44:1940:30:40  150:31:10    90:44:4760:31:46130:45:0680:32:2227:30121:13:280:45:58
Andy Evans100:36:5840:51:17        100:36:54  80:38:24140:52:4250:37:1219:50131:14:280:54:38
Rob Johnson160:42:4250:57:5730:39:25    80:55:3880:39:4570:56:2240:39:5340:54:4860:40:4315:20141:15:070:59:47
Peter Knight                      15:10151:15:241:00:14
Graham Dwyer      00:50:0860:35:13  10:33:57130:49:58      23:00161:16:460:53:46
Danielle Gillard                      04:0001:04:141:00:14
Marco Mion                      17:5001:05:150:47:25
Steve Nicholson        00:40:45                
Another        00:40:25        171:00:46120:43:26    
Keith Brown        20:31:5190:45:24              
Peter Ash        170:37:01100:49:17110:35:37            
Simon Rowe        140:37:26    120:54:27          
Happy Fisher        30:40:54                
Oriol Margo        10:37:46    140:55:32  160:56:37      
Tony Ostlere        190:47:08161:04:58130:48:11161:09:00          
Maria Ashlee        160:48:21                
Rosie Draper        120:49:32151:11:27              
Erik Folkesson      00:56:14                  
Andrew Rackham        180:37:30  40:34:2760:48:49    110:37:34    
Pauline Dalton      80:52:28                  
Ian Harby        00:41:20                
Kate Clark-Kennedy          141:07:56              
Keith Dowson          10:45:5820:32:0030:44:41          
Duncan Warwick-Champion                    00:42:24    
Marc Thatcher                  00:53:53      
Mel Jeczelewska                00:57:14        
Karen Giles                00:57:14        
Sandie Duerden            00:51:27    11:07:39      
Ciara Stafford            00:43:30    31:00:03      
John O'Callaghan            00:38:20    60:54:05      
Rob Peers            170:40:58201:03:23  191:06:27      
Kim Pegg            150:42:55171:00:48          
Mark Lambourne          00:55:13              
Lee Lintern          50:43:40              
Andy Nicoll          30:42:58      80:44:05      
Jonathan Copping      151:01:50  170:59:17  190:59:2720:38:46  90:41:11    
Julie Lobley30:45:3231:03:4950:44:2361:02:03                  
Jim Knight10:48:35          60:47:57            
Ben Sillitoe90:35:07                        
Debbie Mosley190:49:16                        
Joe Parsons170:36:25100:52:0080:34:2830:45:5570:32:16180:54:06              
Jim Fitzmaurice120:42:05                111:00:10100:44:12    
John Stevens80:34:47      90:34:07    80:49:06          
James Baker20:33:27                        
Martin White150:42:1290:59:31              120:59:54      
Jane Morgan130:41:44          70:41:30100:59:42          
Lesley Knight210:63:43          90:57:44            
Chris Desmond110:32:1480:45:40110:34:16120:47:00  120:45:22140:32:44    180:50:23      
Nicki Thompson00:43:32                        
Silvia Forcat      20:56:01                  
Heather Fitzmaurice70:35:36            20:48:24          
Bet Benn      91:16:00100:53:30                
Fabrice Jaudi    00:42:58            20:57:22      
Geoff Vine    70:36:26100:52:41  40:49:56      100:51:57      
Geoffrey Kitchener    60:38:27                    
Tony Horlock  00:55:2310:36:4340:50:1280:35:1660:49:10120:36:32110:51:18  150:52:3270:36:46    
Anthony Waldron  00:55:04                      
Sylvia Lewis  71:09:1690:49:53131:14:09110:48:31131:09:36160:51:54151:11:06    40:49:20    

Series Table
1David Lobley856
2James Wright854
3Daniel Witt1561
4Rob Johnson1650
5Julie Lobley1759
6Tony Horlock1857
7Andrew Mead1852
8Clair Thornton2361
9Suzy Claridge2361
10Andy Evans2752
11Joe Parsons2857
12Geoff Vine3164
13Sylvia Lewis3154
14Graham Dwyer3672
15Andrew Rackham3968
16Chris Desmond4262
17Jonathan Copping4353
18Simon Hallpike4560
19Tony Ostlere6474

track with group

2015 series dates:

Sunday 9 am: 4 January (5M), 1 February (7M), 1 March (5M), 5 April (7M).

Tuesday 7 pm: 12 May (5M), 2 June (7M), 7 July (5M), 4 August (7M).

Sunday 9 am: 13 September (5M), 25 October (7M), 1 November (5M), 20 December (7M).

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