Sevenoaks AC Handicap December 2020

AndrewAndrew Mead successfully defended his Sevenoaks AC handicap series title with a fine run to win the final event of 2020. Mead was the fastest in the race as he beat his handicap by 48 seconds in 44:42.

Lucy Wilkes had led the series from the early stages until after the penultimate event, but Mead's effort, together with excellent runs from Dan Witt and Andy Ashlee, left her fourth in the final race and down to second in the series. Dan Witt in second place beat his handicap by 22 seconds with 46:08, his best time for over four years and second-fastest of the day. Andy Ashlee in third was third fastest with 47:07, while Lucy Wilkes was the fastest woman with 61:52.

Dan Witt's second place was enough to improve his series score by one point, but that still left him a point shy of Lucy Wilkes' score in the series table. So after all twelve races, Andrew Mead won with 6 points, Lucy Wilkes was second with 8 and Dan Witt third with 9. The full final series table is below.

Following the conclusion of the 2020 series a new series for 2021 begins in the New Year. The first race is once again a virtual event, this time over the alternate five mile distance, to be run any time in December. Newcomers are very welcome to take part: details are on the Sevenoaks AC website here.

Handicap 2020 - December (and Final) Result
Andrew Mead50:33:2140:46:46  40:50:4040:34:2940:47:4530:32:4820:46:4330:33:0410:45:4620:32:4824:3011:09:120:44:42
Daniel Witt      30:48:2130:34:0030:47:1240:33:4610:46:32    30:33:4823:3021:09:380:46:08
Andy Ashlee      00:51:0110:33:22            23:5031:10:570:47:07
Lucy Wilkes60:44:1031:01:1840:44:0311:01:3420:44:3851:02:4060:45:5531:02:2120:43:3241:03:1060:45:4609:4041:11:321:01:52
Simon Hallpike90:44:1080:57:5370:41:2771:04:4770:42:4260:57:5450:41:3540:58:1340:42:2831:00:0140:42:0912:4051:13:031:00:23
Jonathan Copping30:44:1010:58:4930:42:30                11:1061:14:271:03:17
Sylvia Lewis80:54:5191:14:31100:54:52  110:57:0681:15:2680:55:4951:19:1160:56:1071:19:1870:55:43-02:3071:14:321:17:02
Chris Desmond10:35:27121:03:02120:43:05  80:39:5690:55:4170:37:4260:57:4650:37:2581:00:3250:37:3320:5081:16:000:55:10
Lesley Knight41:00:1371:24:34  61:31:5091:05:07        61:29:30  -13:2091:17:091:30:29
Martin Dixon      101:20:17121:01:58  90:54:56  10:54:0421:16:4210:53:24-04:00101:18:301:22:30
John Denyer        00:42:4720:59:0020:41:30            
Sam Znetyniak      01:11:50100:57:38                
John Witton      20:40:55                  
Duncan Warwick-Champion      51:05:1660:45:0771:03:48              
Sam Piercy          00:46:32              
Jon Maxim    00:37:42                    
Jane Morgan    00:43:30                    
Alex Hofmann    00:36:28                    
Jim Knight70:48:40111:11:10110:52:2181:16:0450:48:3811:06:5210:46:41    51:08:36      
Marco Mion20:33:2960:47:0950:33:52                    
Anthony Waldron00:39:46                        
Erik Folkesson00:45:5121:01:4110:44:11                    
Pauline Dalton  100:57:39  91:05:33  101:02:20              
Graham Dwyer  50:50:0490:39:04                    
Tony Horlock    60:39:51                    
Sean Leith    20:37:42                    
James Baker    80:37:37                    
Ben Taylor            00:34:24            

Series Table
1Andrew Mead631
2Lucy Wilkes840
3Daniel Witt938
4Jim Knight1239
5Jonathan Copping1343
6Martin Dixon1330
7Simon Hallpike1527
8Chris Desmond1728
9Lesley Knight2339
10Sylvia Lewis2530

Initial 2021 series dates:

Any day and time in the month: January (5M), February (7M), March (5M).

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