Sevenoaks AC Handicap 26 May 2024

Dan Witt won the May race of the Sevenoaks AC 2024 handicap series by just two seconds as the first five runners beat their handicaps in breezy conditions over the hilly five-mile course. Witt ran his fastest time for the course for nearly two years and beat his handicap by four minutes with 46:01.

In second place, Jon Copping led most of the way and improved on his previous outing on the course by four minutes with 48:23, while Andrew Mead was faster than his last five-mile handicap in March by nearly six minutes for third.

In fourth place, another minute further back, Keith Dowson was the fastest scoring runner on the day with 36:02, although non-scoring Sean Leith was faster in his first handicap race for over four years with a course personal best of 34:59. The final runner to beat his handicap was Simon Rowe whose fifth place in 40:50 was enough to take the lead in the series. In sixth place, Nicola Glover was the fastest woman on the day in 36:14.

Five runners have so far registered the necessary four scoring races to figure in the 2024 series rankings, with Simon Rowe leading by three points from Andrew Mead and David Hale another six points back in third. However, in 2024 there are still another seven races to go.

The sixth race of the 2024 series is over the alternate seven mile course. It starts from the Sevenoaks School track at 08:30 on Sunday 9th June. Handicaps for participants in the last twelve months are here but newcomers are also very welcome to take part.

26 May 2024 Result
Daniel Witt00:53:35  20:50:09  -00:1010:45:510:46:01
Jonathan Copping    00:52:28  -02:3020:45:530:48:23
Andrew Mead90:53:3520:59:03110:44:4910:56:0709:3030:48:230:38:53
Keith Dowson      40:51:4313:2040:49:220:36:02
Simon Rowe00:53:3511:03:0030:42:2330:57:2208:4050:49:300:40:50
Nicola Glover  30:49:10    14:3060:50:440:36:14
David Hale20:35:1370:49:0880:35:5550:49:1515:2070:51:530:36:33
Jim Knight40:49:59  100:50:10  01:3080:51:590:50:29
Chris Desmond50:40:3390:56:2170:38:5971:09:1612:1090:52:530:40:43
Simon Hallpike60:43:32101:00:49130:44:2861:00:0008:50100:53:200:44:30
Jon Maxim    00:39:27  10:30111:03:080:52:38
Sean Leith        15:2000:50:190:34:59
Lesley Knight        00:0001:02:121:02:12
Andy Ashlee00:45:45          
Sam Znetyniak30:43:30  90:43:52      
Bridgit Weekes80:44:20  120:43:30      
James Baker70:40:2080:52:45        
Maria Ashlee00:58:0761:20:51        
David Killpack    10:37:2320:49:47    
Will Witt    61:05:15      
Anthony Waldron  00:59:1040:39:44      
John Denyer  01:03:00        
Suzy Claridge00:42:20  40:39:24      
Lucy Wilkes  50:56:44        
Sylvia Lewis11:01:2941:24:20        

Series Table
1Simon Rowe1241
2Andrew Mead1537
3David Hale2137
4Chris Desmond2840
5Simon Hallpike3237
Leading: Simon Rowe May winner: Dan Witt

Further series dates:

Sunday 08:30: 9 June (7M), 14 July (5M), 21 July (7M - August race).

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By Hallpike