AGM 1 April 2022

Some pictures from the 2022 club AGM where Suzy Claridge collected the most trophies as top female cross-country performer, club handicap winner and club grand prix team runner-up, as well as collecting the athletic achievement trophy on behalf of neighbour Bridgit Weekes.

Jamie Philip took the individual grand prix trophy and Andrew Hutchinson the men's cross-country cup, while the award for services to the club went to Darrell Smith for his outstanding work with the junior athletes.

All was presided over by Chair Dan Witt and Secretary Erik Folkesson. Photos by Jim Knight and Duncan Warwick-Champion.

Suzy XCSuzy HCSuzy GPSuzy AAJamieAndrewDarrellSallySimonDan&ErikGroup

New Ide Hill Trail Run 2019

Ide Hill TR 2019

For Sunday 22nd September, Jim came up with a great new trail run route from Ide Hill shop, with great scenery which was appreciated by all present, despite some incompetent navigation (perpetrator third from left). Fifteen kilometres and 512 metres of elevation (not all of it necessary). Thanks to Jim and especially to John Denyer for the support and refreshments.

Next up: Penshurst on Sunday 20 October at 09:00. (Well known - and splendid - route so shouldn't get lost.)

Hayesden Trail Run 2019


Fast Group

Blue team

Red teamThe fastest team won at the Hayesden trail run on 21st July organised by Jim and Lesley with assistance from John and Di.

Water was provided and proceedings rounded off with Coffee afterwards as the spirit of competition gave way to the enjoyment of running with friends in a splendid location in fine conditions.

Look out for future Newsletters for the next batch of SAC trail runs.