Paddock Wood Half - Parking

Sevenoaks AC has received a message from Diane Bradley from the Compaid charity offering parking near the start and finish of the Paddock Wood Half Marathon on 7 April as follows:

This is an enquiry email via from:
Diane Bradley <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Dear Club Secretary/fellow athlete,

Last year some of your club runners raced in the Paddock Wood half marathon, so I thought I would contact you to let you know that as the local charity in Paddock Wood (Compaid ) we run two car parks on race day for runners wishing to park near to the start and finish. The beauty of our parking is that these two car parks accommodate 185 cars and are both less than 200m from the start, which allows runners to warm up return any kit back to their cars and still have the convenience of jogging to the start line close by. As a fellow athlete (Tonbridge AC) I know the benefits this can offer especially when the weather is against us.

We do not charge for this parking but ask for a donation (Suggested £5) with all proceeds benefiting disabled and vulnerable people in Kent. We have been running our parking for the past 7 years and this fundraising opportunity is a great way for us to support some of the most vulnerable people in our county.

I would be really grateful if you would spread the word to your club members in the hope that they will be happy to use our parking and support our charity.

A map is attached to show the parking locations and a charity leaflet about our work.

Thank you for your time and the best of luck to your runners.